Limited THE CLASSIC COLLECTION 2 (four books)

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Limited THE CLASSIC COLLECTION 2 (four books)


Sometimes you have to take a step back. Sometimes if you really care about them you have to walk away. Let them go, you know. I know it's cliche to say. But sometimes you're a distraction to them. You're a rock in their path. In their journey. Sometimes it's just not meant to work out. No matter how much you want it to. Sometimes it's best to take a step back. To set them free. To let them be who they want to be without your influence. Without you. It's sad to say, but sometimes they're better off alone. Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. And all you can hope and say is:
"Maybe one day, I'll run into you again. Maybe one day, we'll be ready. We'll be two people picking up right where we left off and we'll be happy. Maybe one day, somewhere, across the street, in the rain, I'll smile at you from a far and you'll smile right back at me. And we'll just know. like coming back home after a long trip away. Like seeing your best friend for the first time, in a long time, after a lifetime of being apart. Maybe one day we'll just know. We'll just feel. And this time, we'll be good enough to make it work. Good enough to stay."

This Four book bundle consists of four books

1. Spaceship

2. Science

3. Broken Flowers

4. Gravity: A Novel

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