"11:11" Extended edition.


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"11:11" Extended edition.


I wrote this for you. I crafted it with the intention that only you would read it.

Many of us are constantly in search of a sign, a symbol, or a message. Whether it's from above or from someone or something, we seek guidance to point us in the right direction. We desire answers, a hint of the truth we chase. This is what you've been searching for.

The intent of this book is not for it to be consumed in one sitting. Instead, when you feel the need for inspiration or direction, randomly open a page. Sometimes the message might seem repetitive, but it's likely because you need to encounter it multiple times. In our fast-paced world, we often forget to prioritize ourselves. We overlook the small joys and moments that offer us peace and clarity.

This book serves as that reminder, guiding you back to the fundamentals, to the very essence.



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