*ALL NEW* She - Hardcover


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*ALL NEW* She - Hardcover
*ALL NEW* She - Hardcover
*ALL NEW* She - Hardcover
*ALL NEW* She - Hardcover
*ALL NEW* She - Hardcover

this book is a pre-order and it is set to be shipped by late may 2023.

if you haven't been yourself lately. if you've ever felt lost or empty and cannot explain why. if you've been looking for something you don't even know exists. if you've been asking questions, perhaps even the wrong ones and still have yet to receive an answer. if you don't know who you are. if you don't know why you're here. if you don't know why you feel the way you feel. and lastly, if you feel more alone than the night before. I understand you. I feel what you feel. I've asked the same questions and I've wondered all my life about the same things, too. I have my own demon's and I'm still struggling with them everyday. this is my truth. this is my soul... and I hope my horrors leave you with something. I hope they give you the strength you need to carry on. the courage you need to move on, to let go of whatever hurts you. there's still hope... there always is, no matter how far in you are. the light, that little spark of hope will always show you the way.

r. m. drake's "she" book is a collection of prose written from 2009 -2014. It was intentionally due to be released in August of 2014 but instead Drake decided to release his globally beloved book "beautiful chaos"




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